Structural planning

The long-term experience in structural planning allow us to face anti-seismic structural planning with professionalism and serenity, even in case of complex buildings; our analysis and calculus tools are always updated with the recent laws. We can project by using traditional materials (reinforced concrete, masonry, steel, wood,…) or by using evoluted systems (x-lam, prefabricated components,…). Our customers contact us for static and seismic evaluation in private or public buildings, even in order to prevent future damages. We can do structural executive projects or tests even for other professionals.

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Architectural planning

We listen carefully to our customers in order to optimize our projects for their needs, either functional or economics ones. If we are asked to, we can also project following bio-architecture parameters (INBAR certification), but we always keep in mind the wellness of the final user and the energetic saving. We can guarantee a controlled economics management and a total supervision during the works, with the primary aim of the customer’s satisfaction.

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Temporary installations

We plan temporary installations and outfittings, in interior or external spaces, even in awkward situations of great exposure (Pitti Immagine in Florence) and artistic value: we realized pilot projects about advanced structures for masonry vault safety in prestigious properties (Town Hall of Cecina and Imola, Anime Salve church at L’Aquila), published in specialized reviews; our projects are preliminary or executive, with detailed static analysis (even for other professionals); we can offer a complete project of stands for exhibitions, from the primary structure to the graphics design.

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In the industrial design projects we transform ideas in preliminary concepts, we produce executive and detailed drawings and static analysis, even for other professionals, we can support the customers during the prototipying and pre-series production; we can avail ourselves of other skilled professionals in order to set up marketing and communication strategies. We are always actively involved in research and innovation in the field of industrial and product design, we are owned (with other colleagues) of patents in the field of the safety of artifacts in emergency conditions. We made some exhibitons and showing.

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Our work include even professional graphic design: logos, labels for wine and other alimentary products, flyers, brochures, playbills. We produce concept for editorial projects, for websites and for the coordinated graphic image of events, enterprises, corporations.

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We produce professional precision surveys either using traditional tools as meter, laser, land survey tools (for traditional construction industry, notary deeds, …) or by availing ourselves of external partners specialized in surveys with laser scanner and drone systems or in termo-camera inspections (for historical or complex buildings and for monitoring of structures, hidden damages, hidden losses in machinery system).

Expert services

Our continuous connections with the academic world and with the professional Roll and Registers  give us a natural and constant update in the topics related with building industry and design: for this reason we are asked for technical support in specific subject, for other professionals, for companies and for the justice Court.

Other services

We give support to our customers in all the activities related with the project, regarding: - reports, expertises, evaluations; - safety of building sites; - all the notary deeds related with our professional activities; - mortgage requests; - technical documents and contracts; We can also work together with other professionals to offer an “all inclusive” service: this allow a total control in the final product. Together with the other professionals or enterprises we choose the right strategy to complete the work, especially when it is complex and it requires a long-term procedures.